Code Compliance
(Level 4)

Weber Analytics offers a code compliance review service for lighting systems.

With accurate Lighting Calculations, a Code Compliance Evaluation is critical to designing for today's continuously evolving standards.

Recent Updates you should be aware of include ASHRAE 90.1 2019, the "IES Lighting Library" (superceding the strong evidence-based standards as put forth in the IES Handbook 10th Edition), and the Model Lighting Ordinance as developed by the IDA and the IESNA.

Weber Analytics provides a full range
of technical services to the design community,
with a focus on lighting design and technology.

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Additional Information

IES Calc Data

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for IES Calculation Services

Code Research Data

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for Code Compliance Services

Report Examples

Complex 3D Models with multiple calculation planes:
- House of Worship
- Riverfront Access

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